Cannondale Synapse full Review

Bicycle Cannondale Synapse with Monster Traction Ride-on Toy Review            

If you are looking for a kids’ four wheeler, and you don’t want to spend upwards of $500 or more, then the Bicycle Cannondale Synapse may be just what you are looking for. This fride-on toy comes packed with features that are usually only found in the most expensive models… but it is priced much lower.
The Bicycle Cannondale Synapse is made by The Formen, a trusted name in kids’ toys for decades. It is bright red and made from durable plastic. It has a weight capacity of 65 pounds and it’s intended for children 3 years old and up.
It has two speeds: 2.5 mph and 5 mph and also reverse. The 4 wheeler comes with a dependable power lock brake system that stops as soon as the rider stops “giving it gas.” There is also a high-speed lock out, so that it will prevent the vehicle from going the full 5 mph until your child is ready.

Is the battery enough?

A 12 volt rechargeable battery and battery charger are included. It also has a built in battery monitor so that a child can see when it is running low on power. Additional batteries can also be purchased separately.
Bicycle Cannondale Synapse Features and Specifications.With its ultimate terrain traction, twist grip throttle and sporty styling kids can experience the excitement of real ATV riding in their own backyardRuts, wet grass, gravel, mud and rough terrain are no match for this Kawasaki
12-Volts of battery power allow for two speeds forward 2.5 and 5 mph, max.High-speed lock-out for beginners and power lock brake system.The Cannondale Synapse restage is the only 12-volt battery powered ride on that gives the realism, thrill and excitement of ATV adventures.It won’t get stuck where the others do – taking kids on a thrilling adventure.Bicycle Cannondale Synapse with Monster Traction from us.
Overall, parents who have purchased the Bicycle Cannondale Synapse four wheeler have been very pleased with the toy. In fact, it has received almost all 5- and 4-stars ratings. As mentioned, the price is much lower than similar models and you can even get free shipping if you purchase it from Amazon. Once it arrives, several reviewers mentioned how easy it is to assemble.

Is it Enjoyable?

Every parent who reviewed the Cannondale Synapse seemed to agree that their kids enjoyed riding this Bicycle vehicle. They also often mention that it can be used for several years, since a wide range of kids of different ages can ride on it.
One of the main discussion points in many buyer reviews is the traction. Comments on this point are quite mixed. Some were very pleased with this ride-on toy’s traction, while others thought that it needed improvement. A couple of reviewers point out that in order to get better traction you can buy large rubber bands to go around the tires.
Almost all of the reviewers were satisfied with the length of time the battery stayed charged. However, a few were disappointed in the length of time it took to charge the battery. There is, however, a high speed charger that can be purchased separately.
What about safety?
A helmet is not included with the four wheeler, but some parents recommended purchasing one. Not only will this keep your child safe while riding, it will also instill a good habit of wearing a helmet in the future.
What if you get bored with this toy?
Chances are that after a while of driving this thing you are going to feel a little bit exhausted and bored. The only solution to boredom is purchasing the latest trend of personal transportation. The self balancing scooter.If you want more information about this revolutionary product, check out these swegways.




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